Ensuring that we provide the best of both worlds, our team consists of two western medical doctors and a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician. Traditionally, Western medicine is based on research and evidence while TCM is centered around achieving a balance within the body and with the external environment.

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Combining our expertise, we are able to amalgamate the two traditions and harness the complimentary strengths of the East and the Westthus bringing you the best of both worlds!

Vermilion health supplements for joints

With the recognition that nutrition plays a major role in the preservation of health, supplements have come to be viewed as medication. However they are two different things! Medication treats an illness while supplements aim to prevent. So why should supplements be in the form of a tablet or pill? Why can’t we go back to the basics? Getting our nutrition and supplement from the food that we eat. You are after all what you eat. Hence our idea of functional food was born … food with added function of health promotion or disease prevention.